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Have you been injured by another person, company or town/city?  Do you want to pursue a monetary recovery for your injuries, physical and/or emotional?  Do you want to pursue reimbursement for medical or other bills for treatment which was required because of the injuries you have suffered?  You may not even be aware that you can seek and potentially recovery for your injuries. But, you do not have an unlimited time to file a lawsuit to potentially recovery for your injuries. So, please contact me as soon as possible so that we can discuss the facts of your situation.  

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Areas of Practice

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Below are my areas of practice.

I do not practice either criminal defense or family law.  However, if you have need for an attorney who does, I know excellent attorneys who do and would be happy to refer you to them.


Both the United States and Connecticut Constitutions set out the way that the government must deal with you.  If you believe your civil rights have been violated by the government, then you should take steps to protect your rights and/or receive compensation for the violation of your rights. 

However, the government (and its officers, officials, employees and agencies) can possess protections from lawsuits and certain type of damage claims that private individuals and/or companies do not possess. 

You will want an attorney who is very well-versed about these protections and how to insure your rights are not violated without protection and/or compensation.  You will want an attorney who knows which government officer, official, employee and/or agency to sue and in which court (state or federal) to file your lawsuit.  I AM THAT ATTORNEY.


Your right to use your land is not absolute.  Nor is your neighbors' right to use their land absolute.  Each of you must make use of your land so as to not create a nuisance which negatively affects the others' land.  For example, you cannot alter your land so as to cause additional rainwater to run off onto your neighbor's land.

If someone files a lawsuit against you claiming that you are creating a nuisance, or if you believe someone is creating a nuisance that is negatively affecting your land, please contact me as I have experience in issues relating to nuisances.

Further, some of the uses to which you may want to put your land may be regulated by the government (Federal, State, and/or Local).  For some uses, you will need to obtain one or more permits or approvals from the government.  It is important to know which permits or approvals are needed, how to apply for and obtain them, and/or how to appeal any denials you may receive. 

I have extensive knowledge of land use permitting.  So, if you need assistance in seeking, obtaining, and/or appealing a denial of, a permit or approval, please contact me.